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Feb 20, 2024

Tired of the project headaches that come with uncertainties, scope changes, and bad-fit customers?

You can make it all a thing of the past by using solid pre-construction agreements.

In this episode of Profit Toolbelt we sat down with John Gioffre, owner of Revent Builds in Austin, Texas.

John shared the keys to high-end projects that unfold like clockwork… minus the unexpected hiccups or budget surprises. 

You’ll learn how to use pre-construction agreements to get paid for estimates, foster respectful client-contractor relationships, set the right tone, and negotiate agreements effectively.

We also covered how to move up the market to million-dollar projects, so you can become the go-to expert in luxury construction… even if right now you’re working on more humble projects.

Imagine a world where your expertise is valued, your time is protected, and your journey to success is guided by a strategic roadmap.

Tune in for the Profit Toolbelt Episode 2 - 8 and unlock it!