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Oct 17, 2023

This episode of PTB is a masterclass in the dance of construction team-building. The foundation of a monumental structure? It's not just the raw materials—it's the human spirit and energy of the crew crafting it. Today, we're joined by Suman Cherry, the maestro of team dynamics, as she imparts wisdom on molding a crew that's aligned, skilled, and passionately united.


What’s unfolding?


Crew Chronicles


  • The heartbeats of team dynamics.

  • Unpack the unique roles from novices to seasoned pros.

  • Gauge the ripple effect of a united crew on project success.

  • Grasp the vitality of continuous growth and skill enhancement.


Star Strategics: Each crew has its strengths. But how do we let them shine without overshadowing others? 


  • Techniques to navigate the brilliance of top talents.

  • Striking harmony between recognizing skill and fostering team spirit.

  • Strategies to stoke the flames of motivation and deter burnout.


Hiring Harmony: The orchestra of recruitment has more to it than meets the eye. Suman enlightens us on:


  • Understanding a resume.

  • The aligned trio of strategy, lived experience, and intuitive hiring.

  • Assessing the long-haul impact of every recruitment decision.

  • Envisioning teams with tomorrow's challenges in mind.


Crew Craft of Tomorrow: With the ever-shifting sands of construction, readiness is key.


  • Pivoting with emerging trends and breakthroughs.

  • Priming your team for the morrows of construction.

  • Balancing adaptability without lowering core skills.

  • Steering through innovations without losing balanced.


Hiring Hacks with Suman Cherry:


  • Leveraging platforms like LinkedIn, Indeed, and Facebook as buckets of talent.

  • Marrying a seamless team fit.

  • Making every fresh face feel important to the crew's flow.


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