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Feb 28, 2023

Looking to create a healthy living environment?


In this episode of the Profit Tool Belt podcast, host Dominic Rubino interviews Andrew Pace, The Green Design Center's founder and a non-toxic building materials pioneer.


Andrew's story is one of transformation and inspiration. He re-visits his experience working in the commercial construction material supply industry for over 30 years, only to have an unexpected incident with the materials he supplied cause health complications for his workers and complaints from people living above a parking structure. This experience made him rethink his business practices and search for a better way of doing things.


Andrew's journey led him to discover American Formulating and Manufacturing (AFM), a small company that produces products for chemically sensitive and environmentally aware consumers. This encounter completely changed Andrew's perspective on business, leading him to advocate for a holistic approach to building a healthy home that considers all aspects of the home and its impact on the environment and people's health.


In this podcast, Andrew shares his insights on finding a quality custom home builder who understands the client's unique needs and has experience working with clients who have specific demands. He pushes the importance of a relatable approach to building and renovating, as every client has different tolerance levels to mold, chemical off-gassing, and electromagnetic fields.


Andrew's journey is one of transformation from a conventional commercial construction material supplier to a proponent of healthy homes. His story shows the importance of taking a holistic approach to building and renovating, and his insights on finding quality custom home builders and researching materials and chemicals are invaluable for anyone looking to create a healthy living environment.


If you're interested in learning more about non-toxic building materials, the green building industry, and creating a healthy home, this episode is not to be missed.