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Aug 29, 2023

Have you ever stopped to think about the heaps of wood that end up wasted on construction sites? Isn't it heartbreaking? But, what if there was a way not only to rescue this wood but also to re-create it with a new purpose? This isn’t merely about being eco-friendly. It's a movement towards sustainable progress.



Aug 22, 2023

Hello, everyone! On this week's episode of the PTB Podcast, we're sitting down with Doug Winston, the man behind DNM Electrical, to discuss his unique journey from tradesman to successful business owner.


Doug's going to share his story - how he turned his passion into a profitable enterprise, built a thriving team,...

Aug 15, 2023

Take a moment to tune in, folks! This week on the PTB Podcast, we're diving into the real-world construction industry with a true master, Joseph Villareal of the Vial Civil Group.


In this episode, Joseph walks us through his journey, from being a humble assistant superintendent to becoming a successful business owner....

Aug 8, 2023

Ready to turn your hardworking construction hustle into a million-dollar empire? This episode, we're breaking down the cornerstones of a successful construction business: Time, Team, and Cash.


On tap for today's episode:


Time Mastery: Discover how to manage your hours effectively. From sidestepping time traps to...

Aug 1, 2023

Feeling stuck with your project because of design constraints and the ever-changing market trends? Ever wondered if there's a better way to navigate through these challenges in the real estate and construction world? Look no further!

Welcome to another episode of the Profit Tool Belt podcast, where we empower...